The Aqua Bracelet

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The "Aqua Bracelet" is a truly captivating masterpiece that encapsulates the serene beauty of the ocean. This extraordinary necklace is meticulously handcrafted using an array of purely unique freshwater pearls, exquisite green prehnite gemstones, and elegant gold wave tubes.

At the heart of this bracelet lies a collection of freshwater pearls, each possessing a distinctive and unrivaled form. These pearls, shaped by nature's artistic hand, exhibit an organic allure that makes every piece in the "Aqua Bracelet" collection a unique work of art. Their ethereal, iridescent hues range from soft aqua to delicate shades of blue and green, mirroring the ever-changing colors of the sea.

Enhancing the bracelet's elegance are the gold wave tubes, inspired by the gentle motion of ocean tides. Wearing the "Aqua Bracelet" is like carrying a piece of the ocean's tranquility and allure with you, an embodiment of timeless elegance and the soothing embrace of the sea.


Materials: Fresh Water Pearls, Green Phrenite Stones, and 14K- Goldfilled

Non-tarnish & hypoallergenic

Size: Standard 6", 6.5" and 7" + 1" extender

(Size can be customized at no charge. Please leave us a note with your order for the sizes you prefer)