The Tears of The Sea Necklace

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The "Tears of the Sea Necklace" is a breathtaking masterpiece that effortlessly combines delicate charm with the elegance of the ocean. Its super dainty and smooth gold chain provides a backdrop for the stunning interplay of golden teardrop-shaped freshwater pearls and pristine round white pearls. Dangling gracefully between these pearls are CZ diamonds, each one a sparkling testament to the captivating beauty of the sea. Wearing this necklace is like carrying a piece of the ocean's timeless allure and grace with you, making it a versatile and captivating addition to your jewelry collection.


Materials: Fresh Water Pearls & 14K-Goldfilled elements

Non-tarnish & hypoallergenic

Size: Standard 18" in total with adjustable bead and chain. 

(Size can be customized at no charge. Please leave us a note with your order for the sizes you prefer)