Nguyet Vu

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Nguyet Vu

I am Nguyet, the founder of Mooncreativehand, who has been especially interested in hand-made products since I was a child. I have a desire to bring Vietnamese brands to the world.

My name in English means Moon, that's why I gave my brand the name Mooncreativehand.

The idea of a hand-embroidery gift brand appeared in 2016 when I saw a foreign website sold Vietnamese hand-embroidery products with an international brand. Vietnam is considered as a large goods supplier of the world. However, our brand value is not high and the price of products is usually quite cheap.

A thought passed by my mind that "Why not?". Why don't we bring our amazing products made by the creative and skillful hands of Vietnamese people to the world using the Vietnamese brand name? After that, my journey of learning, creating, and collecting the knowledge and experience of hand-embroidery has started.

In 2018, I had a risky decision that I left my job at an NGO and got out of my “Comfort Zone". I want to make the differentiation and I have the vision to bring the Vietnamese brand to the world. That is not an easy journey and there are a lot of challenges.

Several times I wanted to give up and go back to where I had been to settle down with a simple life. However, at that time, God put the desire of bringing gifts from love to people and creating jobs for many people in my mind, again. More than that, I would like to reserve Vietnamese traditional embroidery. I always remind myself that I have to be patient and cannot give up when the journey has just begun.

Thank you for spending time reading the story of Mooncreativehand.

Your support is our motivation in the journey of bringing amazing hand-embroidery products to the world!