About Us

By creating jewelry with a soul, Hope Journey Co. inspires customers to shine.


Our family is the heart of our company. Hope Journey Co. represents our dream of bringing love, joy, and beauty into the world. Our inspiring mother taught us how to persevere and reach for the sky despite hardships and sacrifices.

Our mother was a talented artist who put her creative ambitions on hold in order to provide for our struggling family after the Vietnam War. She never gave up hope or her love for handmade art. Now through our handcrafted jewelry, we carry our mom’s legacy of hope. The three of us, Jasmine, Fiona, and Gloria, have created Hope Journey Co. with a mission to inspire others.


Every Hope Journey Co. piece of jewelry starts with inspiration from memories, stories, photographs, artwork, or nature. From here we create our pieces by hand as well as gather curated creations from makers we support. We believe in sustainable materials with a high standard of quality as well as ethical jewelry practices. Each Hope Journey Co. piece is thoughtfully designed and unique.


Our efforts toward sustainability and ethical work practices are fluid and ongoing. Some current practices that support our eco-conscious goals include; sourcing local materials when possible, repurposing and recycling materials, working with local makers, purchasing recycled packaging and shipping materials, and most importantly creating quality products that are not disposable and are built to last. As we continue our efforts towards sustainability, we welcome input from our community so that we may all work together.


5% of all sales are donated to support ongoing charitable projects. One of the projects we are currently assisting with is 'Impactful Missions,' which is dedicated to helping the people of Haiti by providing meals for children and funding the hiring of teachers for schools. 

We, Jasmine, Fiona, and Gloria (JFG) hope you have the best experience with Hope Journey Co. and that we will get to know more about each other! - JFG Shop today & follow us on Facebook & Instagram.


Product Developer

I’m a mom of two little angels- Esther & Psalm. Life with two kids can be overwhelming and challenging, but I love being a wife and mother. And I’m just as passionate about creating jewelry that has a special meaning or tells a personal story. I hope to be a positive inspiration for others.


Graphic Designer

I’ve been fortunate to work in the beauty industry for several years. What better way to give back for all my blessings than to share beauty through Hope Journey Co. It’s a way to build a special connection with other women and our community.




I’m a young and enthusiastic college student who is striving to make change in the world starting with myself. I love design–from jewelry to decor items–and love to share my interests with you through my lense.