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At Hope Journey Co. (Hope), when we make our own jewelry pieces, we choose 14K gold-filled materials because of its top high quality and durability. Gold Filled jewelry pieces are an affordable alternative to solid gold and safe to be worn by people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Only a few of our items from Haiti are gold-plated but we're working to replace their parts with gold filled materials. When we replace their parts with gold-filled materials, you will see their price go up a little because now you have a higher quality pieces. 

What is 14K gold-filled?

Gold Filled, according to Federal Trade Commission (FTC), requires 1/20th, or (in other words) 5% pure gold by weight. It is a process that a solid layer of gold is bonded to a core base metal (could be brass, copper or sterling silver) through heat and pressure. Therefore, the 14k gold that is on the outside of gold-filled jewelry is the same gold as you would get from a solid 14k piece.  

Gold filled jewelry is hard to be worn off. Depending on care, gold-filled jewelry can last from 10 to 30 years. With good care, it can even last a life-time.

Gold filled jewelry differ from Gold Plated jewelry which consists of a thin, microscopic layer of gold that will wear off easily. In Gold Plated jewelry, you can't be sure how much gold is in the plated layer.  However, the gold on gold filled items is around 15 times thicker than Gold Plated pieces.


Because of the thick gold layer outside of the jewelry pieces, it is exactly how your skin will interact with solid gold. Therefore, it is hypoallergenic. 99.9% of people have no allergic reaction with gold-filled jewelry.

Also, all of Hope’s Jewelry is lead free & nickel free


Caring for 14K gold-filled jewelry

Here it is a question that we got all the time: “Do I have to take it off to shower?”

The answer is: You don’t need to if you use mild soaps. Indeed, it is good because actually you are cleaning your jewelry while showering. However, just remember that certain chemicals can have a negative impact on the look of the gold. So, be careful when you have it in contacts with any kinds of chemicals. If you are not sure, just take your jewelry off before showering. 

DON'T wear your goldfilled jewelry to the pool or beach. Gold-filled jewelry won't tarnish but they will loose their brightness and the chain will develop dirt spots that will be hard to clean off.

In addition, exposure to lotions will not be good for your jewelry. Remember to wash the lotion off immediately after being exposed.

At Hope, we recommend you store your delicate pieces in a safe box to avoid damages. Once in a while, clean them gently using a soft cloth, water, and mild soap. Only polish them when they really need it.


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