The Palm Breeze Bracelet

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Phí vận chuyển được tính khi thanh toán.

The "Palm Breeze Bracelet" mirrors the necklace's tropical charm. It's crafted with light green pinch-pressed Czech glass beads, interspersed with elegant gold beads. The bracelet is adorned with a charming golden cream Diafan pressed Czech glass bead, reminiscent of a tranquil palm breeze. This accessory adds coastal elegance and a touch of paradise to your wrist.


Materials: Pinch-pressed Czech glass beads, Diafan pressed Czech glass beads, and 14K- Goldfilled elements

Non-tarnish & hypoallergenic

Size: Standard 6", 6.5" and 7" + 1" extender

(Size can be customized at no charge. Please leave us a note with your order for the sizes you prefer)